University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University

The University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Panjab University is a premier institution of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in the country. The institute has covered a long and glorious journey of 76 years starting from Lahore in 1944 and finally settling to the present campus in Chandigarh at the foothills of Himachal. In its travelogue, the institute crossed multiple milestones and continue to head ahead towards the well-defined goals. The elevation of the status from department to the level of an institute i.e. University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1994, and hosting of Indian Pharmaceutical Congress in the same year, two presidential honors of the Indian Pharmaceutical Congresses to its faculty members, a special recognition by the UGC by granting SAP in 1993 and COSIST in 1981 establishment of ICMR Advanced Centre for standardization of Drugs of Indian System of Medicine are some of the major hallmarks on the path treaded so far.

The strong base of the institute has been built on by its Veterans and now bank on a very strong faculty strength numbering 31, which is one of the largest one on the board of any Pharma-University institution in the national scenario. A good number of publications which include research papers, review articles, books, national and international patents, and number of research projects sponsored by Govt. and Industrial agencies, and academic and research awards simply convey the success story.

The scenario of placement is quite sparkling with a potential of 100% employment. The pass-outs with undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral degree are the most sought-after in industry, academia, research and for varied professional services.

The success of the alumni of the institute just cannot be measured by standards and parameter, in convention. Their innovation and interprenuer skill have helped them to lead the Indian Pharma World. This role in revolutionary evolution of Indian Pharma industries and other pharma domain are unparallel for what they have achieved.

The institute is actively collaborating with other research institutions at the national and international level, and with the pharmaceutical industries to help evolve novel ideas and outcomes. The synergistic three tier-tie of academia- industry-medical research institutions (PGIMER, Chandigarh) has been enforced to help transfer research ideas from laboratory-shelf to the clinician’s desk. The Ranbaxy Laboratory, New Delhi, Panacea Biotec Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Albert David Ltd. Calcutta, Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, Dr Reddy’s Laboratory and Life Care Innovation Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon are the some of the major Pharma players which have been collaborating. The institute is also known for its very high value research on steroids which yielded a well known molecule Candocuronium iodide, a for neuromuscular blocking agent and also commercialization of ‘Thank God’, a pile medicine by Panacea Biotec Pvt. Ltd., which is a rare distinction of any academic institution. The department has taken a lead on varied new pharma-frontiers which include search for newer pharmaceutical entities (NCEs) using molecular modeling approach, synthesis of novel and smart polymers, herbal drug technology and standardization, neuropsychopharmacology, receptor pharmacology and development of innovative formulations, newer and intelligent drug delivery systems like liposomes, niosomes nanoparticles, organogels, hydrogels and vowed other upcoming nanotech-carriers for transportation of bio-molecules. The institute is fully equipped with the modern day facilities and instruments which is further strengthen by the super-advanced sophisticated instruments in the adjoining departments on the campus. They include transmission and scanning electronic microscopes, X- Ray diffraction, ultra centrifuge, Freeze-dryer, IR, NMR, HPTLC, CHN analyzer, Microdialyses, Sonicater and Micro calorimeter.

Concluding, in the final words, University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an academically charged progressive environment, having every element desired for the academic and professional excellence.


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