KM College of Music and Technology

KM Music Conservatory (KMMC for short) is the first institution of its kind in India. We are a higher education institution and we were established in 2008 by the A.R. Rahman Foundation.

Situated in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities at the heart of Chennai’s film and music industry, we offer a range of part-time and full-time courses in Hindustani and Western classical music and music technology.

Under the patronage of our founder, A.R. Rahman, we offer programmes for all ages and abilities. We are located in the purpose-built campus of KM College of Music and Technology, which also houses commercial recording studios and The Sunshine Orchestra for underprivileged children.

Our renowned faculty are drawn from around the world, with specialisms in musical performance, musical theory and analysis, music history and music technology.

We meet the highest standards of international education, attracting faculty and students from around the world, and we are proud to be affiliated to Middlesex University in London. Our Diploma Programme is validated as part of the BA (Hons) Music Degree course at Middlesex, which means our students have the chance to graduate from KMMC and go on to complete an internationally recognised honours degree in the UK.

  1. R. Rahman serves as the Head Principal of the Conservatory, while Fathima Rafiq is our Executive Director with day-to-day oversight of all operations.


Since its inception, KM Music Conservatory has worked to develop and nurture an education in music for all who have the passion to learn.

We aim to expand the horizons of musicians in India, by creating an awareness and understanding of Western classical music and the latest developments in music technology, whilst also fostering learning and the growth of Indian musical traditions.


Learning at KMMC is facilitated in an environment designed to offer the highest order of education, with courses designed to cultivate individual excellence, a collaborative spirit, cross-cultural exchange and creativity.

We provide students with strong artistic, intellectual and technical foundations for pursuing professional careers in music and, together, we are helping to develop a new generation of artists who will help to shape the cultural future of India.


At KM Music Conservatory we offer a wide range of programmes to suit all ages and abilities, ranging from six-month part-time courses to a full-time, two-year Diploma course that can lead to an internationally recognised undergraduate degree from a British university.

KMMC offers two, internationally recognised higher education qualifications in collaborative partnership with Middlesex University in the UK. Both combine the Hindustani and Western classical music traditions and provide students with a range of solo and ensemble performance opportunities.

KMMC also offers a range of part-time courses in everything from intensive instrumental and vocal tuition to audio engineering and electronic music production.

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