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The Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, (DIAT) as it is known today, came into being as the Institute of Armament Studies in 1952 in the CME campus.In 1967, the Institute was renamed as “Institute of Armament Technology, (IAT)”, which moved to its present location at Girinagar, Pune. From the relatively narrow scope of Armament Studies alone in the Fifties, the role of the Institute was considerably enlarged by the Defence R&D Council in 1964 and further in 1981.On the basis of accreditation by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Pune University recognised eight courses for the award of ME degree in 1980. In the year 2000, the Institute acquired the status of a Deemed University. IAT has been renamed as DIAT w.e.f. 1st April 2006.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a center of Excellence of international repute for Education, Training and research in Advanced Technologies with a view to strengthen national security and self reliance.

Quality Policy

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU) is committed to creating a center of Excellence for Education, Training and research in contemporary and futuristic Technologies by way of continual improvement and consistent Innovation in material as well as Intellectual Infrastructure towards customer’s delight.

Quality Objectives

  • To cultivate core Competencies in Basic & Applied Research in contemporary & Futuristic Technologies.
  • To attract and nurture Intellectual capital.
  • To maintain an Eco-Friendly and appropriate Academic Ambience.
  • To promote professional Development of personnel for productive performance.
  • To strengthen collaboration with the Armed Forces, Academia, R&D Institutions and Industry.
  • To generate adequate financial resources for sustainable Growth and Development
Organizational Structure
General Body

S.No. Name Address Designation Nationality Occupation
1 Shri Manohar Parrikar


Ministry of Defence Govt of India, South Block, New Delhi President Indian Raksha Mantri, Government of India
2 Padma Shri Avinash Chander DRDO HQs., New Delhi Vice  President Indian SA to RM
3 Dr. G. Malkondaiah DRDO HQs., New Delhi Member Indian CCR&D (HR), DRDO
4 Lt. Gen Naresh Chandra Marwah HQ, IDS, MoD Member Indian CISC, CIDS
5 Shri. R.G.Viswanathan DRDO HQs., New Delhi Member Indian AFA & JS(F) R&D, DRDO
6 Dr. (Mrs.) Hina A. Gokhale DRDO HQs., New Delhi Member Indian DHRD, DRDO HQ
7 Vice Chancellor DIAT(DU), Girinagar, Pune Member Secretary Indian Vice Chancellor, DIAT(DU)


Departments and Faculty
  • Bioscience and Techhology
  • Technology Management



DATA Center

CROWN (Computing Resources over Wired Network)

A data centre with 10 Gbps backbone network facility has been set up in the technical campus for providing present and future IT and computing requirements of DIAT (DU). Some of the salient features of this facility are:10 Gbps backbone connectivity; 1 Gbps connectivity to desktops; IT consolidation in Data Centre; SAN storage and Blade Servers; Network Security and Content Caching; 2Mbps leased Line internet connectivity. Access to online library database and e-journals-local mail and web server. The network is based on the three tier architecture with core distribution and access layer switches. All the important places like the POINTS building; Computer Engineering Department etc. have been connected by 10Gbps connectivity with redundant 1Gbps links in case of failure. Data Centre provides various facilities like centralized SAN storage, Application Servers, Web Servers and Mail Servers etc. Various Security Measures like Gateway Antivirus Software, Firewall Appliance, Intrusion Prevention System, Fire, and Alarm and Access Control Systems have been installed for protecting the network and data centre from unauthorized access from.

DRONA (DRDO’S Rapid Online Network Access)

It is operational for 24 hours Unmanned, Operation as per CFEES Guidelines. DRONA is connected to DIAT (DU) LAN, DIAT (DU) Web site hosted on DRONA.

Campus wide Network:

Internet is provided to all the Officers/Scientists staying in DIAT (DU) campus.

DIAT Wi-Fi Network:

Full wireless coverage is currently provided at DIAT (DU)  campus, it covers   academic buildings, technical area, Points Hostel and Guest House area. This is controller based Wi-Fi network, currently manages more than 100 dual-band 802.11n Access Points, capable of providing seamless high speed internet connectivity to over 10,000 students. This Campus-wide Wi-Fi network will help the students and faculty members to access to e-learning resources anytime anywhere using smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. Instructions for connecting to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network, including how to configure and register laptops and mobile devices, are also available on the DIAT (DU) website.

Accommodation – Staff

Single Accommodation

Unmarried Faculty, Officers and students staying without family in station will be required to live in the Officers’ Mess. Officers are advised to bring along bedding with a mosquito net. No cooking is permitted in single officer’s accommodation.

Married Accommodation

There is deficiency of permanent married accommodation. All course officers / students will be put on waiting list for Permanent Accommodation and will be allotted permanent accommodation as per seniority of accommodations.

Temporary Married Accommodation

Officers will be given temporary married accommodation in Multistoryed Complex /F Block (Single bedroom, drawing-cum-dining and kitchen). Limited parking facility is available in Multistoryed Blocks,

Temporary accommodation

All others (NGO’s ) will be given temporary accommodation in Bachelors Hostel / Type-II or Type-III accommodation as per entitlement

Application for Married accommodation

In case officers are interested in bringing their family to the station, they must apply for the married accommodation as per format at Appendix ‘E’. Family will be brought to the station only when accommodation is allotted/ confirmed by the Estate & Works Officer (E&WO) of this Institute.


Officers are advised to plan and pack their luggage according to the space available as there are no alternative arrangements for storage of luggage in the campus. Families are not permitted to stay in the Officers’ Mess.

Guest House
guest_house2guest_houseDIAT (DU), DRDO Guest house is located in the campus nearer to Kadakwasla lake and it is surrounded with greeneries. There are two VIP rooms and eight general rooms. The guest house facility is available as per the DRDO guest house rules and regulations.

sports2sportsThe following indoor/outdoor sports, games and past time facilities are available at DIAT ;-

  • Badminton Courts
  • Basket ball court
  • Cricket Ground
  • Hockey   Field
  • Football Ground
  • sports4sports3Badminton
  • Volley Ball
  • Sailing
  • Lawn Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Chess room
  • Carom Room
  • Gymnasiums
medical2medicalMedical facility at DIAT (DU) covers to Service officers and members of their family is provided by the RMO of DIAT (DU) at the MI Room. Cases requiring specialist medical opinion are referred to MH Khadakwasla/ Command Hospital (SC)/ MH Kirkee as applicable. Civilian staff and Students can have medical service of the RMO as per the rules and regulations on the subject. All officers and their families must be protected by vaccination and inoculation before arrival. To keep the vaccination and inoculation state up-to-date is the officer’s responsibility.

Information Centre and Library
Information Center and Library is the knowledge hub of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU), Pune. It reflects the institute’s commitment to providing the best possible library and information services to its academic community of f aculty members, scientists, students and staff members. It is a major resource for Defence, Science and Technology and allied subjects information in this part of the world and has a tremendous collection of both printed and digital resources. It offers a range of services including reference and consultation, membership, circulation, document delivery, resource sharing, information alert, bibliographic and digital library services to the library members. The IC&L has been continuing its mission of facilitating the creation of new knowle dge through the procurement, retrieval, preservation, organization and dissemination of different resources. The collection of books, journals, e-journals, databases, theses, reports, standards and other reading resources is the best and largest asset of the library. The library subscribed 350 print and online journals, databases such as Science Direct, IEL, ASME, ACM, and J-Gate etc. The total collection of Books is 44,394, Back Volumes 21875, Reports 20,000, Dissertations and Theses 1500. The compact storage system was installed in the new library building and back volumes of prior to 1960s are preserved in the compact storage. For integrated information access facility, the library is using LibSys-7, the web centric library management software.

Contact Us
Address : Office of the  Registrar
Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, (Deemed University)
Girinagar, Pune 411025
Tel  No : 020-24304021
Fax No : 020-24389318, 24389411
E-Mail : e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Url :



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