As we all are aware of that IIT-JEE is one of the toughest examinations across the world and the toughest in Asia. And cracking JEE/AIPMT secures admission in the top engineering/medical colleges of India and these examinations keep on springing new and unseen questions which surprise the students and the pattern of these examinations has changed several times. Thus JEE/AIPMT preparation requires proper coaching and au courant gurus. Hence coaching gives you the ingredients of quality preparation. And we at Amogh Classes help you and your children achieve your dream. We are the premier IIT-JEE/AIPMT coaching institute in Odisha. Our unique philosophy of teaching, extraordinary team of faculties, self elaborated study materials, personal performance graph and deep analysis of all the questions asked in JEE/AIPMT, CBSE, other engineering / medical examinations and our regular examinations make us the premier IIT-JEE/AIPMT coaching institute of Odisha.

We provide you 

  •     Facility at your own city
  •     Integrated courses equally focused on JEE/AIPMT and Board examinations
  •     Extra classes for students who want to graduate to higher level of problems
  •     Regular Examination based on JEE/AIPMT and CBSE pattern.
  •     Classes with 40 as the maximum limit of students per class
  •     Regular doubt clearing classes
  •     Online examination facility


  • Specially designed Study Material with complete coverage of School syllabus.
  • This program genuinely help the students perform better in various Mathematics, Science Olympiads & NTSE along with School Examinations.
  • Quality coaching of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology under one roof.
  • Special classes for Mental Ability Test (MAT) by topmost faculty for NTSE.
  • Free NTSE material for Class-X students for our own students.
  • These programs creates strong foundation, provide mental strength for future examinations like KVPY, Olympiads, IIT-JEE & AIPMT/AIIMS.

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