Amity NGO Management Institute

Amity NGO Management Institute : There is a great rising interest in the area of NGO management now a days . With the increase in the number of NGOs and the opportunities for students to work in the developments sector, there is the need for a degree in NGO management. NGO`s are  important leaders of a growing  voluntary section of  democratic society. Today in India they are firmly established, and  are making their presence felt in backward areas where the arm of the government is missing. They have made noteworthy contributions in the area of working for the underprivileged sections of society.

The area of NGO Management mainly focuses on the management of various organizations, how they set up their goals and objectives. This is mainly done thorough understanding of the organizational framework of NGOs, and the distribution of work among its members. NGO Management also involves devising of strategies and operational pathways, supervision and planning of financial and other policies and various other programmes of the organization.

AINGOM offers a post graduate diploma course in NGO management which is open to a wide variety of people like experienced NGO professionals, social workers, and volunteers who want to pursue a short term course of study.

There are lots of advantages of such a course, like – it helps individuals to understand the subject in detail from a more realistic point of view. They get equipped with skills like – Financial and Administrative Supervision, Awareness about Global Issues, Community Development, Organization of Issue Based Campaigns, Developing Human Resource and Finance, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

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